My 2017 pledge to YOU: I will bring deep wisdom, soul inspiration and heart-felt love to YOU!

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While 2015-16 were years of intense expansion into new countries and territories, with the launch of my book, The Orgasm Prescription for Women, I touched the lives of thousands of women who expressed deep sadness and frustration. They had challenges that went beyond the bedroom — into the boardroom, the kid’s carpool and into their hidden teary rooms.

I was so touched and inspired by the brave men and women who came to events, emailed and called me to express thanks and to request assistance. It was amazing that a book about sexual pleasure gave people permission to speak up about how they’ve been living passionless lives. And they were suffering in silence. It moved me to compassionately share, teach, inspire and heal others with more vigor, dedication and depth than ever before.

I was so inspired to hear from men and women in various cultures that hearing spiritual principles about our inherent worth, self-love reminders about our natural lovability, and meditation guidance to tap into our soul is not only welcome, but desired on a deeply personal level.

I have heard and will heed the call to bring more depth in my training and workshops, more spiritual inspiration in my messages and presentations to empower you and the women around the world who need to know you are perfect, just as you are.

I realize, more than ever, that we are all being called to heal, release past burdens and step up, to lead our families, companies and yes, our nations to be the compassionate, loving, dynamic communities that we are meant to be.

To do that, we must not give in to fear, hatred or denial. We must tap into the power of our soul, the Divine potential of our hearts to bring the creative solutions to problems, to share our art and inspiration — it all matters. YOU MATTER.

I am committed to bringing you the most relevant, useful insights based on the soul + science + psychology of Optimal Living & Wellbeing. For you to thrive in business, life and love, I will remind you of your greatness, point the way to bring you more joy from within, and cheer you on as you grow, expand and share your awesomeness with the world.

If there are topics or questions you want me to explore or experts you want me to interview, please email me and let me know. Together we will rise up and shine — to make 2017 an EPIC year!

All my love to you,



This quarter I will be hosting live chats via videos on Facebook Live. So you can send me questions ahead of time or join live to get insight and inspiration to live orgasmically in all areas of your life.

This Year We GO DEEP! Conversations with me promise depth of content, inner reflection & spiritual, soul-connecting consciousness! Here’s the first of many to come from January 12.

You can see a few of the past Facebook live videos I’ve done about being authentically you, another about things we are afraid to talk about: religion, politics & sex, and shoutouts about why you matter.

How to Find Your FOCUS & FLOW for 2017

This is a workshop-style discussion of how to tune into your values & vision to create an EPIC 2017 by finding your focus & flow.

(Sorry for the bad video quality — this was a Google Hangout over a crummy wifi connection. 👿 But the content is great. Take notes and share your insights on what you will focus on & what gets you into the state of FLOW.  💡

Dr Andrea on Thrive GlobalThis year I am proud to say that I am joining Arianna Huffington (and dear Sister Jenna!) as a writer for Thrive Global! It is an honor to have been selected and I promise to give the best that I’ve got to empower you to thrive. Check out my first few posts here:


I look forward to connecting with you on a deeper level in 2017 (and beyond!) so please be in touch with me about what you’re curious about, what you need help with, or what you want to hear more of.


I am also participating in several online summits with a host of experts around the world who are bringing deep wisdom to us about consciousness, entrepreneurship plus *of course* insights & inspiration on improving love, sex and relationships!

  • Intuition to Income Global Summit, hosted by Abby Gooch, author, speaker and success coach. The Summit starts on January 14 and will show you how to tune into your intuition to build a more lucrative and rewarding business. Intuition is how our souls speak to us. Following your intuition will reveal the right path – for YOU – to achieve greater happiness and fulfillment in your business, while also earning more money. Grab your complimentary pass here: Register Now 
  • Midlife to New Life Summit w Juanita Shaystarts January 18
  • Harun Rabbani and I discuss my book and female sexuality on his show on January 23
  • The Love Breakthrough Summit, hosted by founder of Get Mr. Right University, Camille Sheppard-Parrish. It kicks off January 29. I will be talking about how to release past drama & trauma to open up for a love breakthrough & orgasmic bliss.
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