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Dr Andrea Pennington

Global Transformation Catalyst

Dr. Andrea Pennington is an integrative medicine physician, acupuncturist, QiGong practitioner and best-selling author. Her mission is to empower you to AWAKEN, TRANSFORM & THRIVE by activating your natural healing potential and your personal power to manifest success.

With Dr. Andrea you will learn to become a master of your own energy and wellbeing with the best resources from positive psychology, 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine and the neuroscience of mindfulness and compassion.

Dr. Andrea is also popular TV guest and journalist who is an expert at inspiring audiences to live with ageless vitality, passion and purpose.

She is currently a luxury lifestyle and beauty reporter for LUXE-TV providing daily reports on wellness-inspiring products, destinations and events around the world.

Dr. Andrea Pennington is the Founder of Pennington Empowerment Media.
She is a highly sought-after television industry consultant, medical journalist and author with 20+ years experience in TV production, marketing and media distribution. Dr. Andrea has successfully maintained national media attention as on-air talent and Spokesperson for the largest global media brands including Discovery Channel, the Oprah Winfrey Show & Huffington Post.

She provides her values-based ‘Media Success Brand Development’ programs for those who wish to get their message out widely to impact the world through digital and broadcast media. She actively provides media training, on-camera hosting, press relations and communications consulting as well as Master’s level courses at the International University of Monaco.

Dr Pennington is also a respected physician, acupuncturist & qigong healer. As a Positive Psychology coach, she empowers people to go from “surviving to thriving” by embracing their strengths and talents to transform their health & business. With multiple appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show she is recognized as a medical-wellness expert who teaches how to live with vitality & purpose.

She is currently the voice of luxury on LUXE TV, heard in over 100 countries around the world. Her passion is to produce television programs and documentaries about the soul and science of wellness, longevity and optimal living.

Dr Andrea received her doctorate of medicine from Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, Missouri, graduating with honors. She trained in Pediatrics at Georgetown University Hospital, and Age Management Medicine at the Cenegenics Medical Institute in Las Vegas. She is a qualified Acupuncturist, TFT practitioner and an accredited Best Year Yet coach.

Nous vous proposons les séminaires, consultations et articles sur le bien-être, la santé, et comment réaliser vos rêves!

Depuis plus de 12 ans maintenant Dr Andrea Pennington, une personnalité très connue dans le monde médical, et plus précisément dans le monde de la médecine alternative. Elle va vous éclairer sur la façon d’améliorer votre santé, et de prendre soin de sois même à l’aide de la pensée positive et la puissance d’électromagnétisme.

Elle est également acupuncturiste et présentatrice de TV, ancienne Directrice Médicale de la chaine télévision Discovery Health aux Etats Unis, de plus, elle a été l’invitée d’honneur à deux reprises au show d’Oprah Winfrey!

Elle est arrivée à Monaco dans le but d’organiser des séminaires sur le bien-être et aussi pour finir son troisième livre. Maintenant elle donne des cours de Positive Psychology, Branding et PR a l’International Université de Monaco.

Dr Andrea qui est spécialiste dans ce domaine (bien-être) a le plaisir de nous faire partager son expérience grâce à ses conseils qui vont nous permettre d‘être bien dans notre corps et en bonne santé.

I am a Transformation Catalyst dedicated to empowering all people to live a joyful, vibrant and impact-full life as their authentic self in optimal wellbeing of mind, body, soul and relationships.


With my education and training as an Integrative Medicine physician, acupuncturist and QiGong practitioner I have specialized in mentoring people for longevity, personal evolution and authentic self-expression.

My mission is to empower individuals to become aware of your TRUE self – beyond your biology and programming. You are an infinite being full of potential to thrive and flourish on all levels.

My consultations and workshops are meant to empower you to unlock your potential for healing and transformation to fully embody your passions and manifest your dreams and goals.


With over 20 years in professional journalism and broadcast media I have enjoyed broad media exposure as a TV personality and producer with multiple appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox News Channel, The Today Show and also as the Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Health Channel.

Working with the world’s largest media brands has provided me with insight into what it takes to be a powerful ‘star’, and the price you pay when out of alignment and integrity with your core values, beliefs and soul personality. It is for this reason that I actively provide personal brand development mentoring, on-camera hosting, and media strategy consulting to heart-centered individuals committed to having an extraordinary impact in the world through the media.

My specialty is helping awakened entrepreneurs create a powerful and profitable legacy from their innate talents, strengths and experience through the creation of branded media content such as books, TV shows, informational products and seminars.

It begins with becoming clear on your brand identity – which is about branding who your really are in alignment with your soul’s purpose, your unique talents and personality. Together we craft your authentic brand vision, communication materials and outreach strategy to share your message with the world!

"You are a gift to the world!

Reclaim your power, embrace your strengths and

share your presence with passion!"

                                  ~Dr. Andrea

Work with me!

Wellness, Longevity & EmpowerMentorship

Unlock Your Potential for
Healing & Optimal Wellbeing

Unlock Your Potential for Healing & Optimal Wellbeing

Transform Your Experience
into a Profitable Legacy

Business Mentorship with Dr Andrea Pennington

With an emphasis on building
resilience, self-love & self-expression, Dr. Andrea’s personal wellness and transformation programs are based on the principles of Positive Psychology, the science of the positive aspects of life such as happiness, well-being, and flourishing.

Dr. Andrea's personal consultations and FREE transformational resources will help unlock your potential for greatness and boost your confidence to redesign your life in honor of your soul’s passion.

Discover her Cornerstones of Wellness here.

For professionals in education, healing, coaching and transformation, the emphasis is on defining your brand for your purpose-driven business in alignment with your core values, strengths and personality.

Dr. Andrea’s professional mentorship and empowerment resources help transform your passion into a profitable legacy.

Consulting in personal brand development, media production & on-camera presentation are available to select clients.

Check out her Online Branding Course.


Hello World!

For many years I’ve lived a dual-life. No, nothing sexy and exciting. It has been…

On-Air with the Global Empowerment Doctor

Dr. Andrea is a regular health, beauty and wellness expert featured on television and radio programs around the world. She is currently a luxury lifestyle and beauty reporter for LUXE-TV providing daily reports on wellness-inspiring products, destinations and events around the world.


For Our Media Kit & List of Past Speaking, Print & TV Appearances,

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We value your privacy. We will never sell or share your info!

We value your privacy. We will never sell or share your info!

We value your privacy. We will never sell or share your info!