Who are you — really?


Who are you – REALLY? Find + Live Your Authentic Self

“What if who you thought you were is wrong? Could your authentic self be dying to get out?”
From the TEDx Talk – Become Who You Really Are by Dr. Andrea Pennington in Monaco, 2014.

What if by being your perfectly imperfect self you could transform your life, health, business and relationships? Living in alignment with your authentic self has been known to release incredible energy for innovation and healing.

Living proof comes from Anita Moorjani, who was battling cancer and slipped into a coma which led to a near-death experience. During her time on the ‘other side’ she realized that the way she was living her life was based on faulty information. Like me, she came to understand that when she returned to her body she could live again – but on her own terms. By embracing my authentic self I also found that the cloud of depression that hung over my head for over a decade lifted.

By committing to live her life authentically in line with her Soul, Anita was released from the hospital with her cancerous tumors reduced in size by dramatic proportions. She speaks around the world about how she was ‘Dying to be Me,’ also the title of her first book.

Anita’s story reminds us that we have the power to heal our bodies and minds from illness and dis-ease. Part of it comes when we align with who we really are from a deep and profound level. From the level of our core, the soul, we are totally lovable. We are pure and whole and complete. No matter what the body is going through, we can reconnect with that pure ‘Buddha’ nature and miracles may ensue.

How do you love yourself? Are you living with integrity and authenticity? What if embracing and living your authentic self could release healing energy and vitality for YOU?

Check out the free audio + e-book “How to Liberate+Love Your Authentic Self” to learn about my journey toward unconditional self-acceptance and self-love.

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