What do you want from life?

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Do you know what you want from life?

Let that question move from your mind and filter into our soul then into your higher Self so you can receive guidance about not only the things that may satisfy your wants in the present physical world but also those things that will satisfy you on a deeper, more profound level.

In the midst of your complaining and whining about what’s wrong with your life (like your coffee, your spouse, your kids, or your house!) have you ever stopped to ask “OK, if this isn’t working, what do I want?” It sounds simplistic but I’ve found that in my life, and with so many of my clients, we get into pity parties around what’s not working for us.

Laying on the bed in fetal position crying and moaning about how bad life is doesn’t get us far!

If you believe in the Law of Attraction then you know that focusing on and complaining about what’s bad or unsatisfactory in life is only going to bring you more of it. When we shift our attention to what the feeling of pain, dissatisfaction or longing is really trying to tell us, we may discover that the negative feelings are just messengers, signals to turn our focus in a different direction to get what we want.

If we can adequately describe what we really want, in great detail, then we can move our whole body’s energy and metabolism in that direction. And on an unseen, metaphysical level, the whole Universe will shift to bring about our new version of reality.

To make the process feel better it helps to keep the new vision in our mind and body by really getting into the mindset of the ‘new you’ right now. For example, when you achieve the goal or get the thing you want how will you feel, behave, sound, react and move? Begin to act, think and interact with the world from the perspective of the version of you who already exists in that ‘better situation’ you’re imagining. Have you actually tried this? If so, please leave a comment below!

Start feeling those feelings now. And start noticing, appreciating and savoring the things in your world that are going right – right now. This helps to change your mental energy, your brain chemistry and of course your mood to a better state of being. This allows your spirit to be open to new energy and ideas and makes you more receptive to solutions coming from many directions.

Do not despair, you really are just 5 simple steps away from living the life of your dreams!
Your partner in getting what you want,
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