The Cornerstones of Wellness for Healing & Personal Development

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As a mind-body energy medicine doctor, acupuncturist and positive psychology coach I believe that to be totally well we need an integrative and holistic approach to life. The energy and information of the human body field is what controls our body’s health and its behavior. YOU should be in charge of your own health. I’m here to empower you to do just that! My mission is to help you return to a state of wellness and to teach you how to heal yourself and love your life.

For many years in private practice I have used a 3 phase process to help people return to a state of wholeness, health and happiness. It is called The Cornerstone Process.

This self-directed process will help you to prepare your body and mind to connect with the bio-energetic Field to consciously manifest more health, vitality and joy in your life. The Cornerstone Process leads you step-by-step back to a natural state of calmness, confidence and clarity where you can transform your life and all of the situations in it. You don’t need to follow any one modality, but this Process is here to guide you, step by step, back to your own state of wholeness and perfect intelligence which will allow you to consciously manifest wellness.

Dr Andrea Pennington, MD, C.Ac.

The Cornerstone Process for Wellness, Healing & Personal Development

Phase 1 : Preparation

The Cornerstone Process is a 3-phase bio-energetic process of clearing the space for conscious co-creation of a transformed life. It includes steps for preparing the body-mind for effortless manifestation of your desires by accessing the electromagnetic information field, or Divine Matrix, or universal life Source energy which houses all that is and all that can be.

Phase 1 of the Cornerstone Process enables you to know yourself for who you really are, to accept what is already here in your world and to allow yourself to gracefully, consciously align with the perfect field of creativity, love and wholeness. Phase 1 of the Cornerstone Process helps you make peace with the present to return you to your rightful position in the world, your rightful state of wholeness, oneness, wellness.

Phase 2 : Purification

In Phase 2 of the Cornerstone Process you learn how to clear out the negative mental programs, emotions and pain that are stored within the body-mind. Pain, anger, disappointment, and fear do not just stay in the nebulous realm of the mind, they can lodge themselves in the bio-informational field which directs our physical bodies. This can impede the function of organs and disrupt  the flow of healing energy through the body-mind.

Phase 2 allows you to clear out past hurt, trauma, toxins, and other ‘stuck energy’ to align your body with the ‘original source code’ for perfect function and vitality and joy.

Phase 3 : Personification

In Phase 3 you move into an empowered space where your intention leads to natural, effortless self-healing, self-love, and self-expression. You notice that the old ‘programs’ and negative responses of your ego fall away. You move into a harmonious field of collaboration, connection and creativity and life just works. You experience more peace, more joy and more vitality naturally.

This will become your natural state of existence as you follow your own plan for embodying the new YOU. You will remain balanced, integrated, whole and consciously co-creating the world you want to live in.

Through a personal consultation with Dr Andrea you will be given the framework for your personal Cornerstone Process. Your specific healing modalities will be personalized based on your needs, goals, interests and access to treatments.

Dr Andrea regularly uses the following in designing your personal Cornerstone Process:

  • Acupuncture & acupressure
  • TFT & EFT (Thought Field Therapy & Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Positive psychology coaching
  • Magnetic therapy
  • NES miHealth
  • Naturopathy
  • Reiki
  • Zhineng QiGong
  • Access Consciousness
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • The power of intention & prayer
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