Reclaim Your Juiciness & Feel ALL Right | Time to Rise Author Series w/ Carol Taylor & Dr. Juicy Jill Stocker

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Would you be able to say life is ALL right after a breast cancer diagnosis? And what if you got a total wake up call by having your hormones balanced? These life changes and more are discussed in this special episode.

As part of the Ask the Author series for the book, Time to Rise, we explore how our health can impact our view of our power, confidence and sense or purpose. Would you be able to say life is ALL right after a breast cancer diagnosis? And what if you got a total wake up call by having your hormones balanced? These life changes and more are discussed in this special episode.


Dr. Andrea, the Creator and Publisher of Time to Rise, brings us an intimate conversation with contributing authors, Carol Taylor and Dr. Jill Stocker. Each of these women had their lights turn on, so to speak, but in completely different ways.

Carol, who found more meaning and purpose after her diagnosis of breast cancer is now helping others with her story and raising money for a cancer treatment center. And Dr. ‘Juicy’ Jill is taking her hormonal awakening to a deeper level as she empowers men and women to consider how their life choices affect their wellbeing, relationships and purpose in life.

Dr. Andrea says, “I am truly proud to know these authors as they have inspired me, too. Their willingness to be vulnerable and share their truth has given me an even greater motivation to spread their messages of healing, hope and happiness around the world. Because our world needs these true stories to remind us of our collective and individual strength.”

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Carol Taylor grew up on a farm in Alberta, Canada. After graduation she moved in with her future husband. They were together for twenty-six years and in that time they co-created two marvelous boys and a lot of wonderful memories. Carol has held a variety of jobs, but enjoyed her work as a lifeguard and swimming lesson instructor the most. She received her Bachelor of Education in 1995 and is currently a teacher. She enjoys spending time with her boys, going on adventures, writing, reading, cooking, hiking, biking, living in the moment, loving, laughing, learning, drinking tea, meditating, doing Pilates, Facebooking, spending time in her yard and in nature.

To get in touch with Carol, email her at To follow her blog or order copies of her book, Smiling Single Mom – It’s ALL Right, check out her website at

Dr. Juicy Jill Stocker I’m not your traditional doctor. I specialize in Age Management Medicine and Hormonal Optimization. I’ve made it my life’s work to help women (and men!) RECLAIM their sense of self, JUICINESS, EDGE, and VITALITY! As early as your late twenties, hormones that are VITAL to truly LIVING your life, start to decline and need to be corrected to get you back to the best YOU I know you can be. I’m here to help! My goal is to help you achieve the best version of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually!

I create a safe space to talk about things that are often deemed embarrassing or shameful, but are so crucial to our overall sense of self and being. I want to help you to truly take charge of your vitality and sexuality, to show you how to achieve the beautiful masterpiece of YOU! Please find me here:

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