Key Questions to Liberate & Love Your Authentic Self (Video) and free e-book

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Following a near death-like experience I realized that my past conditioning was causing me to live an inauthentic life that created depression and anxiety.

I had to dig deep into my shadow to overcome low self-esteem, learn to love myself and transform my entire life.

This free e-book contains powerful questions to help you unlock your own awareness of who you really are. It will also set you on the path to fully embracing and living your authentic self.

Enjoy this free download!

In addition to sharing some of this in a TEDx presentation in Monaco, I also wrote about the actual out-of-body Oneness experience in the best selling book Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness.

1-300X300In The Path to Wellness I share the depth of despair and the heights of joy that I experienced which sparked my inner transformation.

Read about how I was ultimately set free from depression and anxiety via a mystical experience that set me on a path to True Wellness.


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