Conscious Branding & Authentic Communication for ChangeMakers & Entrepreneurs (AUDIO & Video)

Conscious Branding & Authentic Communication in Business

Communication has always been my thing.

I am intrigued by the way our posture, tonality of speech and body language communicates so much about our heart, our intentions and our desires.

So what is a personal brand? Are you one? Should you create one?

If you are a (future) leader, author, speaker, mentor or coach, then you need marketing techniques to make you stand out from the crowd. The way you portray yourself online, in person, in interviews, and in print is what we call personal branding.

When it comes to business and promoting your product or message in the media, your communication strategy should be consciously, deliberately planned and implemented. Because the ‘essence’ of you will be transmitted and felt (or missed!) based on what you say, how you say it, your body language, the music backing you and even the colors you wear or display.

Having started with journalism and news reporting as a pre-teen, I have made an intense study of effective communication styles. After 20 years in professional broadcasting clients hire me to provide them with insight on how to best express their message, how to promote their business or cause with integrity, and most importantly, how to come across with warmth, charisma and prestige.

While my waiting list for new clients is currently 9 months, you can visit me online or listen to my podcast for insights on conscious branding and authentic communication.

I am also providing mentorship to women entrepreneurs and changemakers through the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women. Check out dates for enrollment here:

Learn more about my personal branding & enlightened entrepreneurship offerings at

Join me and powerhouse marketing, sales & “Empire Building” experts in London to help you build your own empire in a conscious and integral way.

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