Spiritual Retreat on Mount Shasta (USA) Sept 9 w. Arhuaco Shamans from Sierra Nevada

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In this interview Dr. Andrea explores how Mary Maya came to fully embrace her spiritual gifts and now she’s teaching us how to do the same! Mary’s upcoming retreat in Mount Shasta (California, USA) involves bringing spiritual elders from the Arhuaco and Kogi indigenous tribes from the Sierra Nevada in Columbia. You are invited to attend in person or in spirit on September 9, 2017 to receive special energy activations meant to dissolve fear and restore the connection between head and heart. 


Who are the Kogi and Arhuaco?

They are the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada live in service to nature. Caring for our mother is their focus, their mission and their reason for living. Mary has been with them twice in Colombia, in the “heart of the world”. If there’s an ideal garden or a paradise at the end of the rainbow, they live in it!

They’re worried about us. Not because we don’t have enough money, but because we don’t have enough spirit. They say that we’ve forgotten how to talk to nature, how to do our part to nurture and care for her so she can care for us.

Will you help bring the Kogi and Arhuaco Shamans to Mount Shasta? 

Would you like to participate in the healing?  

To join the retreat or to donate to the campaign to bring the spiritual masters to Mt Shasta please visit:

Click to Donate or Participate

This is a very special, precious and unprecedented opportunity to participate in a deeply restorative event for one of the earth’s main power centers.

Click HERE to donate $197.00 and join us for a full-day retreat on Mount Shasta on Saturday, September 9, 2017. Even if you cannot attend in person, Mary Maya has a special guided practice for you to attend etherically – like astral travel. This way you can still benefit from the energy activation and blessing. In addition, there are some special perks for donating at the level of $197.

I am also going to be with Mary and the group for a special Samadhi breathwork retreat. Click HERE to make a deposit for our all-inclusive retreat at Stewart Mineral Springs September 3-10 (includes a $197.00 donation to the Arhuaco and the full-day retreat) 

If you can’t contribute $197, can you contribute $5? $11? $27? $54? 

Donate any amount by PayPal to mary@marygaetjens.com or click HERE to donate through GoFundMe. 

Any amount will help fund this unprecedented win-win and every benefactor will receive a share of the energetic blessing that our work together creates. 


Imagine being more peaceful than you’ve ever been, full of strength and vitality and able to share pure life force with a sacred mountain, and you have a glimpse of what it’s like to have the honor of working with them. Even if you can’t join us, your contribution will energize your spirit. Will you take this opportunity to give back to our mother and get more in return than you can imagine or I can describe here?

If you join us for the full retreat  September 3-10 at  Stewart Mineral Springs  at the base of Mt. Shasta, you’ll be with us in nature on a level so profound I don’t even know what to say about it. I hope you trust me and I hope you get how important this is. Feel free to call me and ask any questions you need to.

It will cost $7,450 will get all of the spiritual leaders here, to lodge them and feed them so they can work with us to help reactivate the energy of our sacred mountain and give back the nurturing energy she has freely and generously given to us. The total includes a $1,000 donation to help the Arhuaco liberate the territory that is being encroached upon at the base of the Sierra Nevada. Since legal efforts to protect the heart of the world have become increasingly difficult over the last several decades, the indigenous have decided that their best option is to buy back the land that the government has decided to sell.

The Kogi, Arhuaco and other indigenous of the Sierra Nevada held their own for centuries against the European invasions that decimated indigenous cultures worldwide. They have maintained their ability to keep the heart of the world safe for millennia. Though it’s getting harder and harder for them to do so, imagine for a moment a culture that’s succeeded in nonviolently protecting Mother Nature for thousands of years. They are the essence of the spiritual warrior and act as mediators between nature and those who actively destroy her for personal gain by helping maintain the balance between the earth and her inhabitants.

Thank you so much.

Mamo Seiwyn, Mama Zarkawia, Kandy Maku, Vilma Galindo and Mary Gaetjens and Andrea Pennington

Mary Maya, inspired by her practice as a yogini and her work as Clarity Breathwork Practitioner created Samadhi Breathwork to give herself and others a formula for freeing the mind permanently.

Grounded in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, her method uses ancient knowledge still widely used and respected today to unleash particular states of consciousness known as samadhi.

Samadhi Breathwork opens the spirit/mind/body to the breath to dissolve the obstacles of the mind, allowing us to walk the road to self-realization with more awareness.
Mary’s Contact:

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