Are you ready for a love breakthrough?

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Whether you are looking to get out of a toxic relationship, attract true love and keep it, or spice up your relationship, I have some good news for YOU.

One of my guests from the 2016 Erotic Love Summit is a love coach named Camille Sheppard-Parrish. She is a lively, upbeat woman who is no stranger to drama and trauma in life. And she is a shining example of how you can not only survive a traumatic past, but you can THRIVE, too!  

Finding her Mr. Right involved going deep within to heal from past experience, to reprogram her mind about being lovable, and seriously getting rid of any ‘man-hate’ in her mind. After years of successfully coaching other women to find their Mr. Right, she is bringing together a group of experts in a virtual training Love Breakthrough Summit! – It’s time to breakthrough to a new you.  Sign-up here!

I am so excited to be a part of this event because the experts are bringing you the real deal and going to the core of what’s blocking you from love and then they help you release your most challenging love blocks… creating your own personal LOVE BREAKTHROUGH!

When I sat down to talk with Camille we giggled and got ‘real’ like we sistahs often do. But we also got deep into the spiritual truths that point the way to us ALL living a life full of love, delicious intimacy and happy harmonious homes. My interview goes live on February 9!

I truly believe that you hold the keys to attracting the love you deserve. So join me and this group of elite experts to learn how to unlock the secrets to attracting the love you deserve. Sign-up for free right here!

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